Choose your words wisely

Some words seem to run out

Topple over the edge

Stranded like a whale on a beach

Others cross through mountain gorges

Before making their way through desert sands

Too many fall on deaf ears and melt like snowflakes

Hitting a sunlit ground

While others breathe life into a dying soul

The most beautiful fruit of all

More costly than precious stones


Face to face

Perfection is coming

Closer than you think

He’s just around the corner

You’ll see Him in just a blink

He’ll be standing in full glory

Enthroned with splendour and awe

We’ll see Him face to face

As He welcomes us through the door

All the wonders of love made known

His promises drawing us toward

What is yet to come

Then to taste and see His perfection

Finally revealed

To see and know

As we’re fully known

Then bow our heads in worship

Before His Majestic throne

Ultimate Beauty

You are the ultimate beauty

All that is beautiful in this world

Is there to point me in Your direction

As a fore-taste of what is yet to come

All other beauties are short lived

They all fade in the end

But like a beautiful sunset

They remind me of what is on the horizon

The most beautiful One of all




Full glory


Peace like a river

Your peace 

Goes deep down 

On the inside

Holds me together

When everything 

Is falling apart

On the outside

It goes beyond

Everything I understand

And every circumstance 

That comes my way

Settles over my mind

Soothes my soul

Like a gentle stream

In a mighty storm