Narrow Way

Narrow gates and narrow doors.
Narrow lanes and narrow laws.
Narrow minds inside these narrow homes.
Living life like narrow clones.
This body of humanity washed up upon these shores.
Their dry bones dancing with the same flaws.
To the same drum beat where dumb downs meet.
Politically correct chanting and stamping of the masses feet.
The song of multitudes in this ancient river flood.
As in the days of Noah.
Let’s eat and drink till our last drop of blood is spent.
Yet this death is already alive today
Like a firelight burning bright yet dead.
Like a towering inferno that raises it’s head.
When will it stop?
When will there be peace?
When will we finally lay our heads to rest?
The day of the Lord is drawing near
His floodgate open
His turning tide now here.
Where judgement and mercy kiss and tell.
His storey of grace longing to touch our face.
Enter through His gate
One man at a time
Call on His name and you will find
Jesus this worlds saviour will save you today
For He is the narrow way.


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