Cover me

You cover me
With bundles of joy
Wrapped up in
Tiny bubbles
Each one bursts open
When I think of you
Kisses me on my face
Then stretches my mouth
Over my teeth
Into full smiles
They linger
In no hurry to leave
Pure delight
The richest pleasure
Of knowing you.


When you live a lie
You lie exposed
As an open target
One lie covers up the next
It’s like you shot yourself in the foot
Then the other foot
Now your trying
To walk straight
But there’s a trail
Of your life
That’s draining out
Your walk is crooked
On a bent path
You’re on the run
Chased down by your lies
With no legs to run on
The final outcome
Of this madness
Is the greatest deception
Of all
To call the lie
The truth
And the truth
A lie
What a nightmare
That would be
Only the truth
Can break you free
You must know the truth
Then the truth
Will set you free.


Loves not blind

They say that love is blind
Not the kind I know
The love I know
Is pure White light
It blazes
It penetrates
It liberates
It shines into every dark place
Then lights it up so bright
Yet it’s gracious and kind
Tender in mercy
Always lifting me up
Holding nothing against me
Inviting me to drink of freedoms cup
This freedom
Is loves gift
Of eternal life
Loves light of truth
That causes my heart
To beat in unison
My step to be as one
One with loves giver
Jesus light of the world
So love is not blind
For He opened my eyes to see.


So quickly you sweep me off my feet
So quickly you dance around my heart
Singing songs
Pure as Angels breath
On a frosty mountain sky
Oh the blues and greens
All the rich and bright
Colours of dawn
You set like sun
Wrapped around
My inner man
Then tighten loves hold
Around my fragile soul
Always gazing
Longing with eternal rays
Brighter than
All galaxies suns
Richer than
The finest moons
I drink of you
And I am
With your love.

Mind your mind

You’re stumbling over your head
Mind your mind
It trips you up
Lays you down
Turns you around
Face the ground
Lay down
Bring your mind
Offer it
Sacrifice it
On the alter of faith
Believe His mind
He will mind your step
Keep you upright not uptight
Clear headed in a murky world.

Beholding You

Look around
What do you see
Extraordinary beauty
Exquisite splendour
Drawing me into you
I see you
I behold you
And I am in awe
Awe of who you are
Awe of what you’ve done
Your ways
Reflect who you are
Who you are
Is altogether beautiful
In all your perfection
Oh Lord
How I desire you
Delight in you
Love you
Love your presence
Seek your face
Upheld by your grace
My soul is still
Quietened like a weaned child
Like a weaned child
At his mothers breast
I am content
Beholding you.

I am Listening

You hear because you are listening
Patiently longing with affection
You listen because you care
You care because you love
Oh how you love!
You love more than I know life itself
You live always in love because you are love
So now my ears are open to hear you
Speak Lord
I am listening


Scribe tell me your story
Pen out every word with precision
Steady as a surgeons blade
The power of the tongue hitting every mark
Instructing every mind
Changing every heart
Like precious apples of gold
Set in silver settings
The word goes out to rest within men
Ancient words
As old as Ancient days itself
Will not return empty
But fill every empty void


Warm rays penetrate the layers of my skin
Going deeper
Still I lie
Quiet to the activities of life
Just listening to the thoughts inside my head
Waiting till the heat has risen to its limit
Then slowly but surely rising and moving forward
Toward the ocean deep and blue cool and soothing
I feel the sand between my toes
My eyes see the ocean’s horizon
The expanse of sky fills my vision
Large beautiful blue space inviting me in
I dive into an awakening flood of life flowing over me
Saturating me
I am completely refreshed
Floating on my back blinded by intense brightness
Once again
Listening to the thoughts in my head
This one thought emerges above the rest
Celebrate life in its fullest measure
Celebrate the breaths you take
Live wholly
Giving glory to God.

Exalted King

One and only
Saviour of the world
Pure and noble
Gentle and humble
All powerful All mighty
Conquering King
Always compassionate
Majestic in holiness
Doing wonders
Prison breaker
Demon slayer
Death destroyer
Resurrection and life
Reigning magnificently
Triumphing victoriously
Displaying splendour
Glory and awe
Slain lamb
Lion ruler
Merciful judge
Forgiving all who cry out
Ever present
Shepherd hearted
Never failing
Faithful and just
Righteous and true
Magnificent creator
Author and perfecter
Closest brother
Redeemer and friend
Life giver
Miracle worker
Son of man
Son of God
Certain coming King
Jesus Christ
Messiah Saviour
Lord of all
All glory
All praise
All power
All majesty
All dominion are yours forever
Forever praised