Your Voice

I treasure your voice
It’s the richest of all
More precious than all the others
There are so many
Some loud
Some soft
Some gentle and kind
Some that make sense
Others full of nonsense
Some build up
While others destroy
Often mine is the loudest of all
Many vie for my attention
Some long for my affection
Some listening others steering off into space
Sometimes like a competition
All speaking at the same time
Just like the winds of change
Many of these voices blow in one day
Then they’re gone the next
The only consistency
Their inconsistency

There is one voice
That stands out above the rest
One voice so pure
Resounding with eternal tones
Touching me
Painting true pictures in my mind
Reassuring my heart
The greatest sound of all
Is the beat of your loving heart
Speaking into the depth of mine
Breathing out life
So I live
To hear your voice.


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