From the Judgement Throne to the Mercy Seat

Judgement is such a heavy thing.
It’s so final.
What I wrote yesterday was too heavy to send.
Then today I wrote a new song ‘Mercy Flows’
So then I thought I could send them both.
They both flow out of the same heart.

Judgement Day.

Who can stand before this Holy God
Or raise their voice before His Holy throne
Who can justify all they’ve done
Or speak of righteousness
Who can sweep away all their darkest deeds
As if He’d turn His head
Who can wash their filthy rags
Or dress before His throne
Overcome with anguish
Helpless and alone
All breath dried up
All strength is gone
The greatest fear of all
Laid naked before this Holy King
To give account for all you’ve done
Then finally your voice is taken
This is how it will be
For those who refuse to bow their knee
Their sin will swallow them in death
The punishment and pain never will be spent
No amount of time will ever turn the clock
For the judgement seat on that final day
Is where you finally meet
For Gods love and sacrifice
Is plain for all to see
For those who search with all their hearts
Those who cry out for mercy plea
Then this saving grace by faith receive
The Son of God will set you free
No longer before His judgement throne
But before His mercy seat.

Mercy Flows.

From the greatest depths
You searched me out
From the greatest heights
I’ve fallen
You pick me up
Call my name
Raise my head
Take all my shame

Oh Lord my God
Mercy flows
From your throne of grace (x2)

I am whole
Holy in your hand (x2)

All my striving
I lay it down
All my fight
I give to you
All my dreams and hopes
Belong to you
Naked I stand
Now unashamed


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