Days on Earth

This was written on Zoe’s birthday.what an amazing precious gift she is.Words can not fully express.Made me think of how precious the gift of our lives really are.
(Psalm 90:12+17)
Teach us to number our days aright,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
May the favour of the Lord our God
rest upon us;
establish the work of our hands for
yes,establish the work of our hands.

I just really want my life to count for God.

Days on Earth.

18,609 the number of days till this day I’ve breathed in and out on earth
38,325 that’s the number great gran lived plus 15 leap years that’s 105 years to be exact
Today Zoe is 7650 days, 21 years alive
A beautiful young woman come of age
Abigail is 231 days in Ash’s womb
Waiting to come out
From generation to generation
Numbers of days spend on earth
Every day watched over
Not one goes by unnoticed
The Lord watches over me day and night
My coming and my going
He doesn’t skip a beat
Nor does He sleep
My help comes from Him
Maker of heaven and earth
He shades me
Soothes me
Saves me
Comforts me
Confronts me
Strengthens me
Extends mercy to me
Graces me
Forgives me
My maker

My creator
Loves me
All the days of my life
Both now and always
He will not let my foot slip
He will lead me home
I lift my eyes to him
From Him my help comes
From Him my life comes
My breath comes
My days come
Walking with God
All my days on earth


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