Book of Truth

Pilate asked Jesus What is truth? Not seeing that the truth stood before him.


I want to enter into
Your book of truth
I don’t want to write
With blurred lines
Across tainted pages
The storey is to be
Noble and pure
Holy and honest
You erase the lines of deception
And highlight what is true
Deception hides
In the corners of the dark pages
Seeking to lure me deeper in
Your light penetrates
Illuminates like
A blinding sun in full glory
In this brilliance
There is no room for darkest night
Even the darkness
Has become light to you
You see through everything
Nothing is hidden before your gaze
And the truth blazes
Like a warrior charging into battle
With victory written over your breastplate
With the banner of love
Flying high overhead
You triumphed
Capturing darkness and death
Swallowed up the father of lies
And now you are
Enthroned forever
Author of truth
Freedoms perfecter
You are the truth
Now my life
An open book
Is being written by your hand
Into the chapters of
Your book of truth.


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