The nonsense of appearance
Seems to grip us all
What people think
How do I look
Is it fitting
Will he notice
What will she say
Billing Bling
The whole world is dialled in
Calls the same number everyday
Brands and labels
Facades and ramps
Anorexic models prancing along in
The height of fashion
All making the same statement
Bought into the lie
Now cloned
Wanting to stand out but becoming the same
Same old story
Same old mould
It’s been around from the beginning
When nakedness was covered by a few leaves
Leaves of shame
Underneath lay separation
From the only one
Who can reveal our true identity
Our real appearance
So there’s no need any longer
To perform or hide
My acceptance is not in what I wear
What I say
How I act
What I’ve achieved
How I look
It’s far greater than all the externals
It’s the deepest internal truth
It’s the deepest eternal truth of all
My acceptance is found in
My acceptance of God loving me
Just as I am
With all my dirty linen
His life stripped naked
Then laid on a cross
So I could be clothed in His forgiveness
Clothed in His love and grace
Clothed in His freedom
Accepted as His son
Clothed in Christ the only begotten Son
For all eternity.


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