Just want to sing

Just want to sing
Only ever wanted to sing from the time I was a boy
You put that in me
You gave me a gift
A longing
A desire as deep as I know
Through this gift
The song pulls me into you
That’s why it’s so precious above all the others
I know there are others but
This one stands out above the others
It’s exalted where it belongs with you
In the highest place
Exalted above all else
When I know that someone is drawn to you
Through the song
There is the fulness of deepest longing complete
That somehow your song resounds in the hearts
Of those that are yours
The chosen ones
Called by you
Now drawn to you
A longing fulfilled a tree of life
This is where I want my life planted
Here is where my deepest longing is fulfilled
With you Lord
My glorious song


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