Exalted King

One and only
Saviour of the world
Pure and noble
Gentle and humble
All powerful All mighty
Conquering King
Always compassionate
Majestic in holiness
Doing wonders
Prison breaker
Demon slayer
Death destroyer
Resurrection and life
Reigning magnificently
Triumphing victoriously
Displaying splendour
Glory and awe
Slain lamb
Lion ruler
Merciful judge
Forgiving all who cry out
Ever present
Shepherd hearted
Never failing
Faithful and just
Righteous and true
Magnificent creator
Author and perfecter
Closest brother
Redeemer and friend
Life giver
Miracle worker
Son of man
Son of God
Certain coming King
Jesus Christ
Messiah Saviour
Lord of all
All glory
All praise
All power
All majesty
All dominion are yours forever
Forever praised


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