Jesus you put a smile on my face today
The thought of you being held
In the highest place of esteem
The greatest glory given
The wonder and beauty
Of your name
Your majesty and awe
All of who you are
Completely deserving of
All adoration
All exaltation
All praise
All honour
My highest pleasure
To see you glorified
To have you magnified
In every part of my being.


Glory Flashes

Glory flashes mystery and awe
I stand in the moment
With a fresh sense
Of childlike wonder
How I long to linger here
To pitch my tent of permanence
Never leaving this place
But then where would the mystery be
What would start my heart racing
Take my breath away
Leave me spellbound
So let me be fully alive in the present
And completely expectant of more
More of the same
But not the same at all.

What’s in your hand?

What’s in your hand
Only you truly know
But do you really know
So much goes unseen
To fully appreciate you have to apprehend
You have to engage
Pay attention
See the good and become part of that good
Give a hand to
Open your hand to
Grab a hand
Join hands
Clean hands
Compassionate hands
Strong hands
Hardworking hands
True and noble hands
Generous hands
You have so much in your hands
So give away what’s in your hand
It will return to you
You will not want or lack for anything
What’s at hand
The life you’ve been handed
Lay it down
Watch it rise
You’ve got to hand it to your Maker
Then you’ll see with eyes as wide as saucers
More than you could ask for
Hope for
More than you could ever dream of
Even the trees and rivers clap their hands
One day we will join them
With the most thunderous
Clapping of hands
That our hands have ever known.

Hands of grace.

Hands of grace under me
Sustaining me
Hands of favour around me
Leading me
Hands of love covering me
Holding me
Everyday of my life
No matter what I do
Where I go
How I feel or whatever happens to me
You remain constant
Always there with me
Always for me
Always wanting me.
Drawing me
Helping me
Turning me
Forgiving me
Filling me
Never failing
Ever increasing
Wonderful God
Thank you.


Psalmist sing the ultimate song
The song of eternity
It is alive
For it is filled with living word
Living word in flesh dwelling among us
Weave eternal word with beautiful melody
Into open hearts
Sing with the skill of a master
Bring the Master ultimate glory
Sing His song.

Jesus Christ is Lord.

Battle cries and victory shouts
Raise the banners
Sing anthems out
Sing out true
Sing out strong
Let every breath sing out his song
The song of love
The song of war
Christ our risen King
Conquering sin and grave
Christ our Lamb
Forever loved and praised
Raise your cup
Toast His name
For there is no other
By which men are saved
All bow down on bended knee
Confessing Christ is Lord
Who sets us free.

Be Yourself.

Charging forward like
A mighty stallion in flight
Wind in his face
Eyes set like flint
Courage melting fear
Under his mighty stride
Who can stop this unbridled passion
Strong and wild
Fast and furious
Fixed on a course
Not set by man
Fixed on a race
Where freedom stands
Free to be
All he was created for.


Just when you think hope has run out
It comes full circle and kisses you on the face
Lifts your weary heart
Steadies your knees that give way
Hope strengthens you for the race you run
Tells you about the future
Always reminds you of the promises
When trials and troubles overwhelm you
Burying you under their weight
Hope unveils the truth
Lifts the heavy load
Rest in hopes everlasting arms
For they will carry you home.


The tide is turning
The full moon is on the horizon
Like a magnet pulling the waters closer in
Further into shore
Moving like never before
The waves of glory are rising higher
The sons of men are thirsting deeper
Creation itself longing further
For the revelation of man to rise and shine
Ascend the highest heights
Where once
At last
Finally we will stand
The earth filled with God’s knowledge
As the waters of God’s glory cover the sea.


Here I am again
Sitting in the same place
The same seat
Same gaze
Searching for the day to awaken
In what new way will I find this day
In what new place will I find myself
Will I make something old from something new
Or something new from something old
They’re not the same and nor I am
For I have changed
Even in this space of time
Sitting once again
In this same place of mine.