Mad Hatters

Mad Hatters parties
Fiascos and fairy go rounds
Filling rooms with peculiar sounds
Polka dots and stripes
Colours of the rainbow
In multiple array
Every size and shape
Are all on display
Once you’re inside
Impossible to find your way out
The signs are pointing everywhere
With no sense of direction anywhere
Everyone spinning
Around and around
With great big neon lights
Shining upon their heads
“Am I lost or found
Am I in or out
Am I up or down
Is it me or you
Why am I here
What must I do”
Just spin and spin
Twirl and twirl
Till there’s no place left
In this chaotic breath
The musics playing
The flutes are whistling
The drums are banging
The cymbals clanging
All out of sync
All out of time
There’s no sense of rhythm
Just lost
In this crazy rhyme.


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