What’s in your hand?

What’s in your hand
Only you truly know
But do you really know
So much goes unseen
To fully appreciate you have to apprehend
You have to engage
Pay attention
See the good and become part of that good
Give a hand to
Open your hand to
Grab a hand
Join hands
Clean hands
Compassionate hands
Strong hands
Hardworking hands
True and noble hands
Generous hands
You have so much in your hands
So give away what’s in your hand
It will return to you
You will not want or lack for anything
What’s at hand
The life you’ve been handed
Lay it down
Watch it rise
You’ve got to hand it to your Maker
Then you’ll see with eyes as wide as saucers
More than you could ask for
Hope for
More than you could ever dream of
Even the trees and rivers clap their hands
One day we will join them
With the most thunderous
Clapping of hands
That our hands have ever known.


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