Light and darkness

Utter contempt
Absolute depravity
Blackest darkness
There is no greater despair
Nor depth to descend to
The fall of man is complete
So too the way of salvation is complete
The finished work of the cross of Christ
Pays back in full
The debt of mankind’s sin
Death swallowed up in triumph
Light of the world has come
Those who follow Him
Will no more stumble in the darkness
For living light will flood their path.



People sway people
Like trees in the wind
One day smiling faces
The next utter contempt
How quickly they change
With no thought of their own
Just the dictates of those
With a powerful bent
Formed like jelly
Into the same old mould
No backbone
To speak of
No courage
To stand
Just another clone
Controlled by the whims
Of man.


No way of escape
Caught up and bound
Trapped in a web
Full of lies
Lie upon lie
Melting into a pot
From one story to the next
The next cesspit
Of slimy greed
Dripping down the walls
Of power magnets
Stuck together
In the muck together
Into bite sized bits
Swallowed alive
By this
Body of lies.

Whose friend are you.

To have a noble character
For a noble cause
What I do
Speaks louder than words
Those that see what I do
Will be more willing
To hear what I say
For there is no contradiction
Compromise always leads to confusion
Leaving the water muddied
Like particles of sand in your eye
Impairing your vision
Throwing you off course
A constant irritant
Who would welcome
Such a companion
Or speak in terms of friends
Friendship with the world
Makes you
An enemy of God.


I want to outlive the curse
Run the course
Finish my race
Though the road be
Steep and rough
With suffering along the path
Grant me persevering faith
Eyes fixed on you
My gaze
Emblazoned with fire
That burns with love
Eternal life
Beating at it’s core
And hope
That can never be extinguished.


So many great achievements
Won at the hand of envy
Leaving the achiever empty
The record stands
But the man
Stands in a void
All the accolades
Great heights of success
Gold heaped up to the roof
Mountain tops of glory
Just like the wind
Who can grasp it
Or oil
Running through your fingers
When you place your life at the centre
It slips through unnoticed
No true colours
No lasting mark
What stands the test of time
What passes from this life to the next?


As steady as a rock
As light as a feather
Hard to come by
Over the top
On top of the world
All these sayings make sense
To those whose world
They are spoken into
Outside of that world
They’re just random words
Strung together
Flung together
Like a foreign tongue
A strange language
Lost in translation
Makes sense
In a broken
Divided world.


Deep down
Belly laughs
Rolling in the isles
Eyes streaming
Every muscle
Filled with pleasure
Healing flows
As the laughter rolls out
It’s medicinal blanket
Those privileged
Caught up in this moment
Become intimately joined
Warmed on the inside
Wonderfully whole
Laughter really is
Good medicine.

What will I say?

What can I say
It’s all been said
Or has it
There’s always more
One more word
The final say
Words flow out
How many fall to the ground
Lost then found
Or fade away
How many hit the mark
Or cut to the heart
Bring fire and rage
Or sprinkle still waters
Across the page
This open book
With all it’s chapters
Line upon line
Verse upon verse
Turning the corner
Into this open expanse
Looking out upon this new day
Thinking more carefully
About what
I will say.