Exquisite Splendour

The storm blew over
I heard the distant thunder
The wind raged
The chill set in
But the rains never came
It stilled to a gentle whisper
Now the sun is peering out
Around the corner of the mountain tops
Just above the tree line
Those trees are so beautiful and strong
They’ve been around since ancient time
The jungle is buzzing with life
The sound is a full rich array
Of mountain glory
Life unfolds here with exquisite splendour
Finally the rains come
To drench the earth
All this happened
As I sat
In such a short space of time
How incredibly important change is
Vital to our world
How incredibly important it is
To cultivate an environment
Within our own lives
For change to transpire
So our lives too
Would unfold with
Exquisite splendour.


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