Waiting to jump
Just on the edge
Your heart is racing
Everything in you
Wants to do it
But there’s that shimmer of doubt
That keeps running it’s way
Across your mind
All those standing on the sidelines shout
You can do it
Go for it
Another attempt
One more pause
What holds you back
To break the back of fear
Is what it takes
A certain absolute conviction
You will be caught
You won’t drown
A faith that let’s go
Of all doubts
Holds on with assurance
To the one who is unfailing
Love is at the core
Nothing else will last
Love is the essence
That permeates
Every fibre of my soul
To know
As I am fully known
To trust
Like there is no other
To soar
At the edge
Of freedoms precipice
To defy gravity itself
Then realise
I was caught
I ever


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