A hopeless worldview.

Just a small fry
On a big grill
Burning my buns off
Sizzling away.


Deep down
Belly laughs
Rolling in the isles
Eyes streaming
Every muscle
Filled with pleasure
Healing flows
As the laughter rolls out
It’s medicinal blanket
Those privileged
Caught up in this moment
Become intimately joined
Warmed on the inside
Wonderfully whole
Laughter really is
Good medicine.

What will I say?

What can I say
It’s all been said
Or has it
There’s always more
One more word
The final say
Words flow out
How many fall to the ground
Lost then found
Or fade away
How many hit the mark
Or cut to the heart
Bring fire and rage
Or sprinkle still waters
Across the page
This open book
With all it’s chapters
Line upon line
Verse upon verse
Turning the corner
Into this open expanse
Looking out upon this new day
Thinking more carefully
About what
I will say.


Keep me posted
On the page
Let me know
I want to be informed
Constant information
We’re stretching all the time
Increasing rapidly
What does sound look like
It’s on billions of multi screens
Blitzed across the globe
It’s like a train
That won’t slow down
It’s picking up speed
Yet it can be counted
All the numbers are there
Multiple processes and formulas
All the satellites and servers
Every head
Can be numbered
Yet within many heads
A longing for
The deeper sound wave
The purest art of communication
The love of God
He’s beyond all galaxies
Just a breath away
Can you hear Him
Amidst all the other voices
Turn off the screens

What does faith look like

It has to start somewhere
It may as well be here
Strike while the irons hot
Well this irons cold right now
But here I am
Somehow ready to strike
Surely that’s grace
God always on His best
Even when I ‘m not
My heart warms to the thought
I make slow steady steps forward
Into His amazing grace
I feel the shift
It’s as if the air clears
The mist lifts
I rise with it
Into a new place
A new day
Walking with God.


Waiting to jump
Just on the edge
Your heart is racing
Everything in you
Wants to do it
But there’s that shimmer of doubt
That keeps running it’s way
Across your mind
All those standing on the sidelines shout
You can do it
Go for it
Another attempt
One more pause
What holds you back
To break the back of fear
Is what it takes
A certain absolute conviction
You will be caught
You won’t drown
A faith that let’s go
Of all doubts
Holds on with assurance
To the one who is unfailing
Love is at the core
Nothing else will last
Love is the essence
That permeates
Every fibre of my soul
To know
As I am fully known
To trust
Like there is no other
To soar
At the edge
Of freedoms precipice
To defy gravity itself
Then realise
I was caught
I ever