Sprawled out on the ground of impossibilities
I live
Rising in hope to a future glory
I breathe
Gods supernatural power
Within the circumstances
Speaking through them
“You live and breathe
Through my miraculous intervention
Defying gravity itself
I hold you
I keep you
I raise you
Not even death can swallow you up.”


Cover me.

I’ll hide myself in the
shaddow of your wings
There I find shelter
from the storm

Cover me till this night
has passed
Light the flame
Let your fire last

Set your sun down on me
Let me rise to a bright
new dawn
To a bright new day

Cover me
Cover me

All I have to give
A dry and weary heart
from the start

Cover me till this night
has passed
Light the flame
Let your fire last

Set your sun down on me
Let me rise to a bright
new dawn
To a bright new day

Cover me
Cover me

The way,the truth,the life.

Not for theft
Just lying in a body
A body of lies
Lie for me
Lie to me
Lie with me
Surrounded by lies
Who’s telling the truth
What is truth
Is it scientific facts proved by formulas
Is it historic facts verified by many witnesses
Is it informational facts passed down like old wives tales
A letter to the wise
A letter for reason
A letter under a magnifying glass of proof
Prove it to me
Convince me
Turn water into wine
Walk on water
Raise the dead
You rise again
He did all this and more
Still you don’t believe
What will it take for you
To turn your head
His way
Hear the truth
And live.

Mr nice guy.

Mr nice guy always smiles
Never speaks out of line
Keeps in step all the time
Nods his head to all you say
No challenges
Confrontation or contribution
Just that empty grin
Agreeing with everyone
Mr nice guy floats through life
But sadly never leaves a mark.

The measure of words.

Between the lines of old
Something spoken something told
How many words written down through the ages
How many words splashed across the pages
They stand frozen in time
They stand written along each line
The measure of their worth
Who can tell
Reading into
Reading aloud
Line upon line
Page upon page
What will last down through the age
What is written across your page.


Just a long shot
But have you got it figured out
Who you are
Where you come from
Where you’re going
To say you do is other worldly
The existentialists constant dilemma
What right do you have to your absolutes
He would say with absolute assurance
Yet he has no assurance at all
His conviction is grounded on sinking sand
Like his thoughts trapped in a finite bowl
Sinking to the bottom with no room for mystery
Within all knowledge lies mystery
The mystery of not knowing all there is to know
Yet being certain of what you do know
To take you deeper in.

A new heart.

A colliding
Cacophony of
Chaotic life
Cascades down the mountains
Across the plains
Out to it’s farthest coastlines
Corruption has seeped into it’s paws
Runs through every vein
At the root of it
Lies a pumping heart
It’s not a transfusion that’s necessary
It’s a transplant
The heart is the issue
The root problem
It’s wicked beyond measure
We have all like sheep gone astray
We all need a shepherd redeemer
Jesus is the one and only Saviour of the world
Who can give you a new heart.

Don’t give up

I see you
Peering around the corner
of shadows
Your heads tilted
Eyes fixed
There’s something steadfast about that look
No matter how far you go
You won’t give up
You can’t give up
There’s no place to run to
No place to hide
There’s still a vision mirrored across that page
It’s beauty and perfection is dulled
But it’s waiting
For the brightness of dawn to break
Trusting for a breakthrough
Into fulfilment of hope
A triumphant finishing line
Where glory awaits.

What do you say.

Full and abundant life
Surely doesn’t include days you’d rather forget
Words you’d do anything to pull back
Into your mouth and swallow them dead
Words are living
Dead or alive
Once they’re out
They’re out
Just like your actions
They’re out there
At times they’re like silent movies
Everyone sees what we do
Then somehow lip reads
They put their interpretation on it
Their slant
Like a song or a painting
True or false
It’s out there
How many lives have been caught
In a web and destroyed by
Bending truths or bending lies
Both look as blurred or muddied as the other
The biggest ones hit the covers
Pages upon pages
Waiting for the next news
The sensational
The moguls
The magnets
Even the mundane little people
Have a place
Even their story makes news
Like the animals and our planet and galaxy
They hit us day after day
Loud and clear
But is it clear
How much is screaming madness
Bold and blazon lies
Masked and covered by media
A system within a system
Like a person within a person
Like schizophrenia
Like which one are you
True or false or both
Which mask will you put on today
Which system will rule your way
Which path would you say you’re on
So what do you say.

You invite me in

Your words sprinkle light into my heart
Like glowing embers of truth
Your Spirit blows on them
The flickering light
That once seemed to be smouldering coals
Fanned into flame
Alive again in this heart that ran cold
Dimmed by darkness
Now truth working it’s magic glow
Into the place where only you know
Only you can go
This is my invitation into knowing me
Fully and completely
Inviting you in
To capture me
Rapture me
Away with me
Into you
Fully abandoned
Sacrificed and surrendered
You invite me in.