What do you say.

Full and abundant life
Surely doesn’t include days you’d rather forget
Words you’d do anything to pull back
Into your mouth and swallow them dead
Words are living
Dead or alive
Once they’re out
They’re out
Just like your actions
They’re out there
At times they’re like silent movies
Everyone sees what we do
Then somehow lip reads
They put their interpretation on it
Their slant
Like a song or a painting
True or false
It’s out there
How many lives have been caught
In a web and destroyed by
Bending truths or bending lies
Both look as blurred or muddied as the other
The biggest ones hit the covers
Pages upon pages
Waiting for the next news
The sensational
The moguls
The magnets
Even the mundane little people
Have a place
Even their story makes news
Like the animals and our planet and galaxy
They hit us day after day
Loud and clear
But is it clear
How much is screaming madness
Bold and blazon lies
Masked and covered by media
A system within a system
Like a person within a person
Like schizophrenia
Like which one are you
True or false or both
Which mask will you put on today
Which system will rule your way
Which path would you say you’re on
So what do you say.

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