You mean the world to me

You mean the world to me
When this light grew dim
You fired me up
To light again
The turning of my head
The despair ran hot
How many times
Have I considered my lot
Wondering can I change the plot
Why not
Then I look at you
All those around me
That mean the most to me
My reason is turned to sense again
I look outside myself again
Soak in this love again
How quickly my world
Is changed again.

Face to face.

Staring out into space
Knowing I’m part of this place
Eternal matter
Not just particles
Fearfully and wonderfully made
I remind myself of what really matters
What counts the most
Who I can count on
Where I belong
The meaning of my existence
Is not where I exist
It’s who I belong to
My Maker
Creator of heaven and earth
So I live in the future now
Knowing that this place
In time and space
Will make sense one day
When I see him
Face to face.

Alone in a crowd

Impatiently he ran his hand through his hair
Raised his eyebrow with a feathered glare
Staring out he wondered
Am I the only one
With all these thoughts
Locked inside my head
Will someone listen
Does anyone care
Will someone turn to me
Will someone speak
Why is there so much silence
When everyone around me
Is so loud
Why am I so alone
When in this crowded room
I am surrounded.