You heal my wounded heart
Soothe my aching soul
Bind my broken bones
Such grace has made me whole
To sit and walk and run
To catch the wind and storm
To blaze with holy fire
To love with passion’s flame
Oh Lord how long
This wait
This hope
This glory
This promise by faith complete
To know with certain assurance
Your kingdom now has come.


An ode to music

Goodbye passing notes
Dream tunes
Floating away
Like clouds
Upon wind chimes
You had your moment
Your voice went out
Within the cosmos
Of all that is sound
You were born
Carried alive
In jars of clay
Fragile and soothing
Now I rest
In the memory
Of creating you.

Take me home

You swirl around this dancing cage where freedom calls
Beckoning me as a lover into the deepest bonds of love
A captive prisoner enslaved to freedom’s call
This mortal body yearning and longing to be clothed
With immortal wings
This faint breath whispers of a future glory
Which goes beyond the sun
Before the ancient day
Before the Ancient One
Where love and hope will finally meet
In everlasting arms.

God is good

Grace lifts me up when I feel like a dead dog
In fact I know it
They don’t look anything like truth
Then truth pours in like a flood of
Life giving seed
Planting itself firmly and deeply
Into the soil of my heart
The water of God’s Spirit saturates the seed
Slowly and surely they pop open
Little by little pushing themselves through
My crusty heart
Breaking out onto the surface of my being
I am surrounded in a rich blanket of
Green life giving grace
My eyes are clear and open
As a blue flooded sky
And I can taste and see that
God is good.

Under my skin.

What lies beneath my skin
Is it madness or a sane ranger
Riding out on the plains of life
Driven by perfection till the flight is over
Finally landing on solid ground or sinking sand
Time will tell on which ground I stood
On which hand I held
Solid rock or floating stones.


Floating star in a sea of breeze
You run away with your shine
You stay awhile then you’re gone
Off to green days a brighter dawn
Look down
See I’m here
I didn’t run
Stayed around
Played the notes
Danced around your words
They filled the hidden place
Cut me to the core
Nailed me to the floor
Then raised me up once more.

Wait for me

October skies
Early morning breeze
The leaves whistle in the wind
The heat has passed
The monsoon rains have left their mark
Green leaf cover everywhere
How I love a new season
To leave the past behind
Move on to a new day
As I open this door
I hear the whispers of hope calling my name
With a true and noble voice
I hear once again
You are mine
I am yours
Look out toward the horizon
Wait for me
For surely I will come
As you wait for me
You will feel me drawing near
You will know that
I am