Talking trees.

The trees rain down
Their leaves drip tears upon the ground
How long they cry out
How long must we wait
But wait is what they do
As they watch each passing generation
The talk among the woods is
Are these the ones
Will time fulfilled finally come
Will creator of living trees usher in the day with these
Will they stand tall
Will they stand strong
Are these oaks of righteousness
The final display of splendour and beauty
Revealing His magnificent array.


WOW Where oh where

Makes you think
Makes you wonder
Where it came from
The gift
The display
The treasure
Suddenly you’re focussed
Eyes fixed
Mind alert
Where Oh Where
Did this come from
Even without knowing
Each one of us have been given gifts
With the WOW factor
At times they surprise us
They are a sign
To help us wonder
Where they came from
Pointing us
In the direction of the One
Who gave them
For every good and perfect gift
Comes from God.


Your mercy turns me around
To face you
To see you seated on a throne of grace
Your grace brings me to believe
To know you
That you are merciful
Unfailing in love
The greatest wonder of all
How could it be that you should have chosen me
With this I humbly bow
Receive what you have freely given
You helped me choose
What you had chosen for me
Your life
For all eternity.

Give and it will be given.

A glass of water given in my name
Includes the poor
Inviting all to the serving table
Open your home
Give whatever is in your hand
It will not return empty
Let it flow out of a full heart
Rich with generous smiles
Not ashamed or embarrassed
With the small offering
But grateful for every grain
In the Master’s hand
A grain
Becomes a loaf
A loaf
Can feed the multitudes.


What’s your next assignment
How was the last one fulfilled
An empty sounding gong
Or a lighthouse on a hill
Did it smell of the fragrance of life
Or the stench of death
Full or empty
Abundant or depleted
What you build on
What you live in
Is it what others can dine on
Let them sit at a rich table
Fully laden with the finest display of kingdom treasures
Let your assignment be
To feast at His table
Dining with the King.


You’re no ordinary jewel
You’re more than precious
You bring a sparkle to my eyes
Warm the deep place in my heart
Where we sit by the deepest fire
Here passion blazes
Living light saturates every pore
Hope spreads it’s wings over us
Raising us to heights
That earth and sun long to know
Depths that oceans have never touched or crossed
This eternal rest is what our pilgrim hearts are longing for
Till then
We’ll sit by this fire and warm our hearts.

One forever one.

Absalom tried to take something that was not his
He wanted men to be drawn to himself
Just as you can’t be plucked from Jesus’ hand so also
He has assigned you your portion and cup
Your lot is secure
Though you will have a cup to drink
The fellowship of suffering is temporal
Just as our bodies are wasting away
Here today like the flowers then blown away
The fragrance remains
The permanence of your life sacrificed
A love offering for all eternity
Because He first loved you
A fragrance that lingers forever
Raised up one day face to face
Lips to lips
The perfect kiss of life
With breath that never dies
One forever one.

I gaze upon you

Cocooned and covered
Kept and protected
You hold me in your hand
Upheld by thousands of prayers
Surrounding me in multiple array
Strengthening me
Protecting me
Providing for me
Like splashes of kindness
Sprinkled on me
Running down over me
Refreshing me when I”m weary
Sustaining me when I’m weak
Directing me when I’m lost
Holding me when I’m alone
Touching me when I’m afraid
Comforting me when I’m heavy hearted
Your loving comes to me
With abundant life
Raising me up when suffering has run it’s course
I gaze upon your cross
I gaze upon your tomb
I gaze upon your resurrection
My eyes are fixed on you.