Love unceasing

You keep me warm when the cold winds blow
You keep me sane when my mind plays games
You keep me strong when my knees give way
You give me life when all hope fades
What do I give in return
Brokenness and shame
Twisted thoughts and weary bones
A desert drenched heart
Inside an earthen cage
So I mount on wings of eagles
To soar on ancient promises foretold
To rise once more on eternal shores
To walk on sands of paradise
To hold and take your hand
To know as I’m fully known
To love unceasing
Always to love.


Alive in love

Your grace causes me to miss you
Your everlasting arms lift me up
To the greatest pursuit of all
The journey of love
Moving steadily in
Closer and deeper
Your steadfast move on me
Always draws me toward you
To take the highest ground of all
Here I’m found
Under the shade of your embrace
Inside the shelter of your tree of life
Alive in love.