Hope is a tree of life
That plants me into eternal soil
The eternal soil of the kingdom of God
Like it’s King
With no beginning or end
His rule and reign
Forever benevolent
Always love
For He is love
Walking with God in His domain
Taking of the fruit
Eating and drinking
The knowledge
Of the holy
One with God
One in love.



You perch calm and collected
Early morning rising
As the sun dawns upon your regal head
For ripples on the sea
Then suddenly
The flutter of your feathers
Spread out in glorious array
Such colours captivate and lure me in
To behold your beauty
As you reflect the King.

Just two feet

The battle rages
The fire burns
The lust for more to fill this bottomless pit
Inhaling the fumes of a materialistic age
Never satisfied
Always longing for more
Indicative of the empty heart of man
How many clothes can you wear
How many homes can you live in
How many shoes can you put on just two feet
Feet that were created
By God
For God
To walk with God
Only He can satisfy
He is an ocean of eternal love
Only He can complete my life and fill the gaping hole
For God delights in satisfying and filling my empty soul.

Zoe’s wedding words

These words run too deep
They’re too personal
Not made for speeches
Let loose for laughter or tears
No these words are hidden away
Behind closed doors
Let loose from the deepest heart
They sway between
The fragile and solid rock
They swing between
Broken chimes and wind songs
Blown away
Yet somehow
They resound on eternal wings
Not lost
Just cut loose
They are yours
They are me
They are weak
They are strong
They are the past
They are now
And still to come
They are yours
These words are my gift to you

Yet to come

Dancing around boredom’s beat
Monotonously spread out
Upon dull fields
The green has gone
The greys have come
Bleak shades of hope
Stripped thoughts and wasted breaths
Ah but my heart pants for a new day
Sending out flickering rays
Of a bright tomorrow
A future promise
Yet to come.