Glory vine

In the tree of life together
Tangled around the branches
Grafted in
Bound by blood
The sap drips eternity
Falls to the ground
The seed is pure
Will it penetrate
Reach it’s mark
Find the heart
Is the soil good
Ready for the exchange
Life for death
Light for darkness
The true God encounter
That changes everything
The eternal tree of life.


One hope

Sitting here undone
Pondering paradise
Looking through a glass darkly
The shades shift
The light sparkles on the crystals
Throwing rainbows around the room
They dance with eery beauty
Piercing through the light
Just a fleeting glimpse of what is to come
Yet within it
I’m reminded
God will come again
He will not fade like some distant dream on the horizon
He will fill the heavens and the earth
With a panoramic glory
That will stun all creation
With His blinding radiance.

One body.

See the good in it
Not one up against the other
Weave them together
Unite this diversity
Stretch out into the opportunity
Grow your capacity
Not off the back of someone else
Rather in collaboration with the opposites
What you value the most
Tie your commitments there
Bind them to the good of others
Working together toward
The good of all
In this you will find your fulfilment
Here lies the means of true prosperity
Love the Lord with all your heart mind body and strength
Love your brother as you love yourself.

One love

The word of God became silent
The final word spoke
It is finished
He became sin for man
That we become one with God
Sin swallowed up
Death now our slave
To know this endless love of God
Even as we’re fully known
To know this hurricane force of love
To feel His blazing fire in our bones
To burn with furious love for God
Our highest call
Our greatest quest
To love
To love
To love.

One life

That settles it
Signed on the dotted line
Red tape raps itself around every corridor
Each room in a box
On record the files stand ready for display
Every ‘t’ crossed
Every ‘i’ dotted
The legal fine print
Examined under the truest magnifying glass of all
Then sealed with permanent ink
Exposed to scrutiny
Able to stand against every violation
The law is the hardest task master
The perfect scanner by which our lives are laid bare
Is there any escape from its judgment?
Any way of freedom from this certain trial?
Only one stood on trial
Only one was judged for me
Only one was Crucified and died for all my sin
Only one rose from the grave
So I the guilty one could go free
Only one ascended into heaven
So I could reach my final destiny
Only one was pure and spotless
The only sacrifice for me
The one and only Saviour of the world
Jesus Christ Gods only son
Was born then died and rose again
So now through faith in Him alone
I can live the only life there is to live
No longer under law but grace
No longer slave but free.


The red sea of earth melts beneath my feet
Stretching out far and wide
Way beyond my gaze
This ancient carpet now laid to waste
What lies beneath its skin?
The blackest gold seen by men
The greatest riches of the land
To see beyond our desert waste
To find our treasure there
To know and understand
God looks upon the heart of man
His blood ran red upon the earth
To cleanse sins darkest stain
To penetrate with blinding light
To lift me out of blackest night
Then take me into paradise.

Golden shadows

Shadows melting down the mirrored screen
Lost behind the gold
Now turned toward what is seen
Time will tell what lies beyond
The spring from where I’ve drunk
Promises true and dear
Now so crystal clear
Though fleeting like a shooting star
They lie beyond the night
Ready to rise with glory dawn and shine upon my head
To fill the empty void inside and make my soul to rest
From where my spirit on Gods thermal’s rise
With Him
I’m fully spent.