One life

That settles it
Signed on the dotted line
Red tape raps itself around every corridor
Each room in a box
On record the files stand ready for display
Every ‘t’ crossed
Every ‘i’ dotted
The legal fine print
Examined under the truest magnifying glass of all
Then sealed with permanent ink
Exposed to scrutiny
Able to stand against every violation
The law is the hardest task master
The perfect scanner by which our lives are laid bare
Is there any escape from its judgment?
Any way of freedom from this certain trial?
Only one stood on trial
Only one was judged for me
Only one was Crucified and died for all my sin
Only one rose from the grave
So I the guilty one could go free
Only one ascended into heaven
So I could reach my final destiny
Only one was pure and spotless
The only sacrifice for me
The one and only Saviour of the world
Jesus Christ Gods only son
Was born then died and rose again
So now through faith in Him alone
I can live the only life there is to live
No longer under law but grace
No longer slave but free.


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