Glory vine

In the tree of life together
Tangled around the branches
Grafted in
Bound by blood
The sap drips eternity
Falls to the ground
The seed is pure
Will it penetrate
Reach it’s mark
Find the heart
Is the soil good
Ready for the exchange
Life for death
Light for darkness
The true God encounter
That changes everything
The eternal tree of life.


One thought on “Glory vine

  1. Just love all your poems Tony. I wanted to ask you if you would consider submitting about 5 or so poems to be included in a Poetry Book we're putting together as a church. The aim is to let the poets in the church have a voice, to be able to reach and touch those around them (especially the unsaved); and the proceeds will go towards an Orphanage or ministry/ies. Thanks so much…Love to all in Dehli

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