This way or that way
Which will it be
React negatively
Respond positively
The heart is the key
Guard it
So through its doors
Grace would flow
Mercy would flow
Forgiveness would flow
Gods love opens up the door for life to flow
So in the pain and stormy trial
Peace rests
Like a covering blanket
Settling over a fragile soul.


Jesse died
Joel died
Worship regardless of circumstances
Worship regardless of self
Worship regardless of pain, conflict, confusion
Still your mind
Quieten your heart
Be still and know God
Worship Him
For in Him you find life
Your peace is there waiting in Christ
Be clothed in Him
Filled with Him
Draw near to Him
For in Him
You live.


Colours splashed across the canvas lite up my gaze
Like a rainbow I search out
It calls me
Draws me
Like a magnet I’m fixed on its beauty
Where would I be without colour
Where would I be without rainbows
Author of light
Creator of living rainbows
Shine into my soul
That I may display
The colours of your heart.


Common law
Common ground
Common grace
All made in His image
No matter how
Marred and scarred
Shamed and blamed
Created to be one before the fall
The guilt
The sin
The pain
The loss
Brokenness and disdain
In His image we are made
His value displayed
Every man
Born on common ground
Under common law
Sharing this common fall
Created for dignity to the core
Only one Saviour born on this common ground
Died and rose that we may be found
No longer slaves in poverty
But royal princes and princesses
With the power of His love and true liberty
I stand before the cross on common ground
His image in me once broken
Now restored and redeemed
Once lost now found.


He has one
She has one
Everyone seems to have one
In fashion
Out of fashion
Looks good
Looks bad
Sounds good
Sounds bad
Tastes good
Tastes bad
Feels good
Feels bad
I’m right
You’re wrong
The weather
Looking good
Being right
Staying in control
Do not disturb
Who gives you the right to say
Aren’t we all free to choose
Unity amidst such diversity
Such complexity
Will take a benevolent dictators intervention
Only God qualifies.

No excuses

Swallows swirl around
While sparrows dart here and there
Both reflect the common unity of creations plan
To co-exist as diverse as creation is
As one they rise and fall
Under the creators sun
Each revealing the mystery of the Masters hand
Each creature designed to live life fully
According to His plan
So one day for all mankind
There’ll be no excuses before Gods throne
Where we’ll finally stand
To give an answer for the life we’ve lived
Whether we died or lived
For the glory of His plan.

In step.

In the silence of your footsteps
I see you standing there
Like whispers on the sand
You’ve made your mark
The imprint is clear
Perfectly defined
Who will follow
Will they place their imprint next to yours
Will it become the same
The path is sure
Absolutely certain
Yet the journey is unknown
It is first time
Once only
In your time
In step with yours
Called to follow
Follow your lead
Here I am
Speak Lord
The eyes of my heart are open
To hear and obey your voice
For I am your servant.