Golden pages

Crafted words upon golden pages
Brightly lite up
Beams of sunlight
Ripple like gentle dew drops
Dripping honey sweet to my lips
This nectar rushes to my head
Fills all the empty spaces with glory rays
Words in colour
Colour in melody
Melody in song
Songs of living light
Penetrate the essence of my being
Becoming one in image
With the One in whose image I bear
Breath of word made flesh
Flesh of word made new.

Time will tell

Storms will come and storms will go
Leaves will fly and they will float
Across sand filled skies and darkened clouds
Trees uprooted then flung to the ground
The old now weak make way for the young and strong
Each have their place in the garden of time
Each leave their mark within all mankind
How they stood
When they fell
The race they ran
Then when they rise
Before the judgement throne
Their lives fully spent finally told.

Cry out.

Worry stalks you
Like an unwanted friend
Fear prowls closely behind
Seeking to draw you near
These allies aligned
Like brothers in arms
Ready to devour
Always on the hunt
They mask themselves
In multiple disguises
Leading those along their darkened path
Relentlessly pursuing all who turn their way
Gripping them
Then binding them
Blinding them
Then tormenting them

To break their hold
To smash their chains
All it takes
Cry out to the Lord by faith
For in His mercy
His ear is turned toward our cry.


Living off the edge
Ready to fly
Standing on the precipice
Looking down
Full gaze into the face of fear
Despising its grip
Then jumping
No holds barred
No bars imprisoning me
For how can I a dead man die
I’m once dead
Twice alive
Full breath blown into supernatural confidence
For no one or nothing can kill this body
Once dead
The power of resurrection life
Nothing can separate me from Gods love
In Christ
Therefore nothing is impossible through faith
In Christ.


Striped naked
Every branch laid bare
Not even a green leaf
Only a dried up stump in the ground
Just the scent of spring
Would be enough to remember
The days of richest fruit
Each branch stretching beyond the next
With lush and greenest leaf
Oh never to forget
The roots that run deep
Holding on to the strongest rock
Which will never lose it’s grip
Then once His pruning work is done
The buds begin to bloom
The fruit spreads out upon each branch
Fully laden they now hang
Many a weary stranger finds
Shelter under its majestic shade
The Master always brings
Life up from the grave
When you look with eyes of faith
You will see
His touch in everything.

His story

Gather in the story’s
Let them be told
Speak them out
Let their colours arise
They will melt in your mouth
Sweeter than honey
Strong as a lions roar
Encased in the fragile frame of man
An ancient script from before time began
Light more glorious
Brighter than dawn
Truth more powerful
Than mountains of old
The uncovering of
The greatest mystery of all
That His story
Is now mine to be told.