How lovely is a home filled with you
An enormous wide open spacious ever loving life filled heart
No room for despair
No hiding place for shame
No space for fear at all
When sin crouches at the door its forbidden entry
Lying down upon a bed of peace
Embraced by compassionate arms
Held strong and pure
Flooded with wave upon wave of eternal love
Your house is where I want to live
Home with you is where my heart longs to be
Even cries out for
Yearns for
Thirsts for
Desires more of
More than life itself
For there is no home apart from you
Nor is there rest
No life apart from you
Outside your home
Sinking despair
Ice cold death bolted behind prison doors
Prison gates
Behind prison walls
You broke the chains
Took the sting of death
Set my captive heart to rest
Held my feeble hand
Touched my fragile heart
Took me in
Deep into you
To find my place at home
Always at home
With you.


One thought on “Inside

  1. This is beautiful papa. Today I was praying in my home and thought that same thought, I want to find my home in God and for my home to be filled with him. No yuckiness inside my doors. I love you papa, your words are life to me…

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