A house of faith

A house of straw built on grass
Looking through the looking glass
To see the future and the past
Through the test of time won’t last

A house of glass built on stone
The earth will shake the house will rock
A thousand pieces shattered on the land
This house of glass will never stand

A house of clay will last a day
The monsoon floods soon wash it away

A house of gold built on sand
The storms will come and shake the land
The fire will blaze and it will burn
The gold will melt never to return

A house of cards stacked up to the sky
The world will say come fly with me
Let’s dance this dance to the beat of chance
The winds will blow
The cards will fall
The dreams will crash
To their final call

A house of steel will bend and break
To the violence of the earth that quakes
All out of shape
All out of line
It was never built by His design

A house of faith built on His word
To hear and know
To trust in all His worth
To believe in the power of His might
To walk by faith and not by sight
This house of faith built on the foundation stone
The eternal love of God the rock
In Christ alone we’ll stand
All other ground is sinking sand
Only He can take me by the hand
Into my final resting place
The eternal house of God I’ll stay
Till then I’ll live in this house of faith today.


One thought on “A house of faith

  1. As I've been in your home the last few days, I have had a good chance to look closely into how your "house" is built. And to compare it with my own…. You and Lin were in our lives as they began and God has brought me to you again at this crossroads. Thank you – not so much for what you have taught – but what you have faithfully modeled through the years. The fruit of your lives and work is evidence enough of how you have built. May the Lord continue to use you as repairers of broken walls and restorers of buildings that need to be torn down and rebuilt.

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