How lovely is a home filled with you
An enormous wide open spacious ever loving life filled heart
No room for despair
No hiding place for shame
No space for fear at all
When sin crouches at the door its forbidden entry
Lying down upon a bed of peace
Embraced by compassionate arms
Held strong and pure
Flooded with wave upon wave of eternal love
Your house is where I want to live
Home with you is where my heart longs to be
Even cries out for
Yearns for
Thirsts for
Desires more of
More than life itself
For there is no home apart from you
Nor is there rest
No life apart from you
Outside your home
Sinking despair
Ice cold death bolted behind prison doors
Prison gates
Behind prison walls
You broke the chains
Took the sting of death
Set my captive heart to rest
Held my feeble hand
Touched my fragile heart
Took me in
Deep into you
To find my place at home
Always at home
With you.


To let go
Give up
Lay down and surrender
Placing all those dear to you
Nearest to your heart
In His hands
To relinquish control
Find courage
Have confidence
Believe enough
That God is good
His word is unchanging
His character
His heart
His nature


Who can I compare you to
There is no one
You are the Self Existent One
Before time
Beyond space
In front
Beside all who are called by your name
But most of all
Dwelling within.

Timeless One.

First sight
Morning dawn
Glorious rising
The sound of rushing waters
Clean and crystal clear
Mountains coming alive in beautiful array
Trees spread upon them in rich display
Greens of every shade
Turning to gold
The rocks spread out with all their strength
Along the river banks
The monsoon floods toss them around
Like pebbles in the sand
In this timeless moment
I sit here in childlike wonder
Knowing my maker
My majestic creator
Is the Timeless One.


Tossing and turning
With deep down yearning
My mind in a flutter
With thoughts flying everywhere
No sleep to be found anywhere
Just lost inside my head
As I lie upon my bed
No amount of worry  changing anything
Just lost sleep running through a mental maze
Still hope springs up
To soothe my troubled mind
Speaking words of life
Toward a future untold
Safe and secure
Leaning on the everlasting arms of God
Rock me to sleep once more.

Dig deep

Dig deep
Find the sufficient grace
Release mercy
See it cover over a multitude of sin
Then rest in peace
Which surpasses all the turmoil and struggle
Lifting you up to higher ground
While guarding your heart and mind
In Christ.


Who can bear it
Bear it we do
How much is self inflicted
Whether slowly induced or a rush of
Excruciating pain
All you want is something to make it go away
A shot of anything to make it stop
Jesus put a stop to the long term
Terminal illness of sin and death
When finally on the cross
He said
It is finished.

Your blood speaks over me

Thank you for your blood that speaks over me
Thank you for your blood that speaks over me
Thank you for your blood that speaks over me
I’m no longer dead but alive
Thank you for your blood that speaks over me
I am a new man
I have risen
Thank you for your blood that speaks over me
Grace grace and more grace
Thank you for your blood that speaks over me
I’m no longer your enemy
Thank you for your blood that speaks over me
I am your child
No longer alone
Thank you for your blood that speaks over me
I am now part of your family
Thank you for your blood that speaks over me
The old has gone
The new has come
Thank you for your blood that speaks over me
There is no greater love
No greater sacrifice
No greater example
No greater power
No greater name
No greater Saviour
Than Jesus.

Love calls

When you write
I see into your heart
The deep is on display
Everything falls upon the pages exposed
Just as it is
So attractive for many who hide away behind closed doors
Not knowing who they really are
Fear holds them ransom
Imprisoned behind their self constructed bars
That’s what lies are and what lies beneath the lie
The greatest lie of all
There’s no escape
When I read the lines that flow from your heart
Your freedom speaks to me
Calls me out
I’m drawn into a hope
Where your name is written upon mine
Where fear and lies are driven out
With one breath of your love
One whisper of your name
One touch from you
Where truth takes its stand
I am free
God in man
Man in God
I am free.