If only the sky were green and
Open fields grew thick with blue
Clouds passed by in orange and yellow
People stood skin clothed coloured in rainbows
Would we still see in black and white
Always moving toward our favourite colour
Would we still compromise with shades in between
Try and paint pictures we’ve never seen.


Dig deep

Dig deep no matter the pain
Dig deep no matter whose to blame
For there you’ll find mercy and grace
In the lowest place
You’ll find the burden lifter
Freedoms Saviour
Who always cares for you
He has felt the deepest pain
He has carried the greatest blame
Both for you and me.

Closest friend

You are purer than purest olive oil
Richer than richest cream
The way into wisdoms court
Where understanding dwells
You drench my path and pour forth streams
So I can understand and know
Life’s eternal fountain
The greatest blessing of all
My closest friend
Most intimate of all.

Love divine

I’ll sing the song of angels breath
I’ll dance across the skies
Where heaven opens up my heart
To the glories of your name
To the splendour of your voice
To the beauty of your face
For the glory of your works

Majesty enthroned on high
Majesty above
All praise belongs to Christ my King
All praise belongs to Him

So I will sing with heavens angels
I will sing with heavens sons
I will sing the song of love divine
The song of heavens Son.


My voice is old and worn
Tattered and tethered
All frayed around the edges
Crumbling from the inside
Falling apart
Seems like all the promises are swept away
Blown by the darkest storm
The darkest night
Yet inside I hear a still small voice
Calling me
Calling me out
Into the light of day
Into the light of night
To find some hidden treasure
Some secret locked away
Inside where beauty lies on the purest bed
I catch a glimmer of hope
Flickering across my gaze
Lightens my dawn
Takes my heavy load
Raising me from the heavy fall
Breathing inside a song of hopes certain call
Glory lifter of my head.


Your eyes are beautiful
Noble and pure
Deeper than ocean blue
Higher than skies above
Piercing into every secret place
Lifting me up to see your face
Your eyes filled with compassion
You remember how I’m formed from dust
Turning my eyes with just one glance
Filling my heart with just one gaze.

Solid ground

The waves roll in
The rain pours down
My feet keep moving on solid ground
Grey clouds above me
Sand under my feet
There’s a beauty in the air
With a still calm voice within my soul
Leading me on through every wind of change
Leading me on through every changing season
Though everything may fall and crumble down
My feet keep moving on solid ground.

Laced with grace

Locked down
Turned around
Upside down
Inside out
Quicksand sinking
Mindless thinking
Up against the wall
Entangled fall
Who wouldn’t want to exchange
Prison clothes for praise clothes
Tears for party songs
Freedoms voice laced with grace.
Ready feet dancing to this beat.

Finger of God.

Taken to the edge of the precipice
Thrown into the raging flames
Not of human choice but Devine intervention
To consume all that belongs not to the fire
To be consumed by the glory of the fire
To have the raging fire burn the rage inside
To melt this callous heart with the brightness of loves dawn
To emerge from the ashes unscathed
Touched by the finger of God.

Hidden mystery

Concealed in every green blade of grass
Displayed on the loftiest mountain top
There You are
There You are
This infinite wonder
In this finite body
This hidden mystery
Magnificently displayed
Christ in me the hope of glory.