Laced with grace

Locked down
Turned around
Upside down
Inside out
Quicksand sinking
Mindless thinking
Up against the wall
Entangled fall
Who wouldn’t want to exchange
Prison clothes for praise clothes
Tears for party songs
Freedoms voice laced with grace.
Ready feet dancing to this beat.


Finger of God.

Taken to the edge of the precipice
Thrown into the raging flames
Not of human choice but Devine intervention
To consume all that belongs not to the fire
To be consumed by the glory of the fire
To have the raging fire burn the rage inside
To melt this callous heart with the brightness of loves dawn
To emerge from the ashes unscathed
Touched by the finger of God.

Hidden mystery

Concealed in every green blade of grass
Displayed on the loftiest mountain top
There You are
There You are
This infinite wonder
In this finite body
This hidden mystery
Magnificently displayed
Christ in me the hope of glory.

Love in a glass

If love could be held in a glass
It would shine through
Catching crystals
Beaming rainbows across the skies
If love could be held in a glass
The fragile
Would be seen
So delicate
With humility
Dependant on true hands
If love could be held in a glass
We’re it to fall
The glory of every piece
Shattered then scattered
Would still reflect the smallest drop
The most insignificant of pieces
Hidden away
The smallest of all
Leaving an eternal mark
Displaying glory
Where ever it lies
For His love
In this glass
Will never die.

Life with no end

I want to pray big hearted generous prayers
Filled with delight
Delighted in God
Marvelling at the thought of heavens answer
Spanning the time of man
That in an earth born
Heaven bound vessel
Lies future promise
Filled with glory
Joy unspeakable
Life with no end.

Exalted King

Shooting stars
Singing shells
Five little fingers
Five little toes
Living miracles
Surround me everyday
They find me
Knock on my door
Search me out
Speak to my heart
Teaching me reason
To value above all
Placing on the highest place
Your name
Your word