Be a gentleman

Considerate toward all others
Seeing equality in the shape of a human vessel
Just like you with imperfections and weaknesses laid bare
Seeing through your own fragile bones
Knowing all need help along the way
Then acting with kindness and grace
To strengthen those in need.

Our Father

Shining forth from your glorious essence
Your Devine nature reveals infinite beauty
How awesome and majestic you are
Father in heaven
To you belong
The highest praise
The greatest love of all
Sending you’re son
Revealing His name
Jesus saviour of the world. 

You first

No more pushing
No more shoving
Me first stops
Stops loves flow
Me first makes all others second place
A step behind the rest
So exhausting
So arrogant
So limiting
All they see is me first
Me first is not the face to behold
You first is the only face to behold
When I say you first
They may see you first
When they see you first everything changes
Life is never the same.


Flags fly
The statements of the sons of men blowing in the wind
Speaking out “I AM”
We are here
From beginning to end flags fly fragile in the wind
Blown North South East and West
Striving in the strength of flesh
Planted in the soil that gives way
Buried among shifting rocks
Shaken from generation to generation
Until His everlasting
Ever increasing
Unshakeable Kingdom comes
And Christ the King’s banner of love
Flies over all who see
He is
“I am”

Never give up

Dried out
Washed up
Hung out to dry
Old legs slowly crawling along
While sails hang silent in the doldrums
No competition to speak of
Nothing to prove or point to make
Not because of speed or hard exterior shell
This old tortoise just won’t stop
He sees the finish line
With all his might he heaves and shoves
To finish his race in time.