A life I never deserved.

The blood slowly pumps again
Awakening me to loves call
Loves voice
Loves reason for life
There is nothing outside that beat
Nothing of worth
Just dead idols with meaningless voices
Chanting and ranting
Ranting and raving
Your voice breaks the trance
Shatters the glass
Lights the fire
Fills my breath full of your breath
Perched upon a mountain of hope
Where expectation spreads it’s wings
Lifting me up to heights I never dreamed possible
A life
I never deserved.

Tender mercy

A mighty roar
The ground thunders
The earth shakes
The birds take to flight
Spreading their wings to the heights
Soaring above the epicentre
Men shudder
Legs give way
Terror strikes
Setting hearts racing
Then you in tender mercy
With loving kindness
Stoop down and raise them up.

The fight

Done my time
I’m fully spent
Up against the ropes
Flat on my feet
The bruisings deep
The blows are hard
My eyes like slits
Blinded by blood
Thicker than water
Cold as ice
There’s a sting in the air
Frozen in time
I’m spinning in circles
Run out of rhymes
Hope a fading slither
Rung out to dry
The curtains closing
The sun has set
The darkness taunting
Wrapped around my head
Who will save me from this darkest night
Break off the chains
So I can fight.


When were you last caught up in wonder
The last time you marvelled
Childlike wonder opens my heart to my
Heavenly Father
Like a magnet
Drawn to the beauty of His holiness
Leaving little room to mirror the world
Beholding Him
Becoming like Him. 

Love full and complete

A song beyond the song
A vision beyond my sight
A body beyond this flesh
A feast beyond this world
I have tasted of you
Therefore I hunger
I have drunk of you
Therefore I thirst
I have touched your body
Therefore I long to be one
I’ve seen in part
Through a dim mirror
I’ve sung notes among countless stars
Love is my desire today
Love is my destiny
To behold you face to face
To know love
Full and complete