A floodlit mountain full of suns
Splashing rays of dizzy light
My heads spinning with a whirl of truth
My hearts racing with a beat of love
How radiant
Dressed in glory white
She’s walking on fresh blades of green grass delight
Oh my soul is raptured
Captured by her sight
This wonder
How can it be that
This bride is mine.

Break free

A crystal cathedral
The pinnacle of pride
Glittering and shimmering
Dazzling and alluring
No thumbs or toes
No hold or stance
A fleeting grip
A trancelike glance
Imprisoned inside
No glory dance
Radiant bride
Covered with pearls of romance
Smash the glass
Rise on wings of humble flight
With childlike wonder
Let the inside out.

Greedy gluttons

Cheerios and coco pops
Quaker oats and corn flakes
We all live in a cereal world
Shrinking down into cardboard boxes
Flakey minerals with vitamins and detoxes
Quality product
Quality of life
A quick fix diet
A splattering of matter
Canned sealed and delivered
Junk box junkies
World core clones
Frozen hard lined number punching gluttonous flunkies
Glimmering chic and flab
All across the earth the poor picking up the tab
Always the greedy ready to grab.

Lost and found.

Unread books
Unsung songs
Lined across walls
Like plaques of old
Waiting inside these pages
Stories to be told
Silently waiting
These scores to unfold
Behind these hidden covers
Treasures yet unseen
Who will search them out
Who will finally glean
The lost now found
The dormant unbound.


When your body is thrashed and hammered
Beaten into exhaustion
Even the slightest comfort is rewarded with
still breaths and deep sighs
Suffering comes with many faces
So I can face my own impatience and learn to endure
To see the good in things I too easily take for granted
Especially those that love
Love me
Suffering turns my eyes toward love
Not just a brief glance
But a deep gaze behind the eyes
Inside the soul
To see the permanent marks
Written across the lines under the eyes
Tried and tested
Stretched and rested
Now at peace
Suffering has done its work again
Worked its magic
Into a future hope
That shines with glory and never fades.

Beautiful Nepal

I left with a bit of Nepal under my feet
I can still feel its touch as I walk today
The land has found a deeper place in my heart
The people won me over 32 years ago
I feel their pain
I have seen the struggle
In the midst of it all
God is preparing his beautiful radiant Nepali bride
She shines in the darkness
She fights on for she is a Warrior
Princess warrior
Surely the days are coming
Even now the signs are all around
There’s a stirring in the heavens
There’s a stirring on the ground
The enemy is relenting
His strongholds are tumbling down
The truth is cutting in
Sharper than any blade
Freedom is at stake
Life the final call
Full and abundant
The promise will stand true
Gods glory and Gods name be praised
From the Himalayas
Down to Ocean waves