Beautiful Nepal

I left with a bit of Nepal under my feet
I can still feel its touch as I walk today
The land has found a deeper place in my heart
The people won me over 32 years ago
I feel their pain
I have seen the struggle
In the midst of it all
God is preparing his beautiful radiant Nepali bride
She shines in the darkness
She fights on for she is a Warrior
Princess warrior
Surely the days are coming
Even now the signs are all around
There’s a stirring in the heavens
There’s a stirring on the ground
The enemy is relenting
His strongholds are tumbling down
The truth is cutting in
Sharper than any blade
Freedom is at stake
Life the final call
Full and abundant
The promise will stand true
Gods glory and Gods name be praised
From the Himalayas
Down to Ocean waves


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