Morning by morning

Morning by morning
My Father visits me
Wakes me up to listen
Like one being taught
Instructs my ear to hear
Freedoms voice
Echoing through the walls of my life
Drawing me into truths walk
The steps may vary
But the path is always straight
Straight as a dye
No shades of grey
No compromise
Where my heartbeat rests
In perfect peace.



On my broken page I lie
Looking out upon my grave
All hope is lost
All heartbeats stop
You found
You gave
This death you died
Your life
Such cost
The final price
You paid
Greater love
Can not be found
To bind this broken page into
Eternal Word
Now One
Into your arms
I’m bound.

Invisible One.

Where’s the inspiration gone
Run dry
Rung out
Hidden from sight
Deep underground
It still moves and breaths
Has its being
It’s within
From without
Surrounding me
All day
As long as I take time to stop
Look around and see
The Invisible One.  


The mountains take one look at God and tremble
The hills melt like wax with one glance of His fiery presence
The heights of human pride
The towers of mans intellect and vanity
The tarnished gold that glitters
All temporary pinnacles
Blown down like a stack of cards with one breath
Nothing can stand in opposition to Gods face fully present in power.