How’s your balance?

Life hangs in the balance
A donation here
A coma there
Like flowers
Beautiful arrays
Alluring fragrance
Then blown away by the wind
Jesus hung on a tree
So I would no longer be weighed
In the balance
No longer
A fading flower
An eternal tree
Planted by streams of
Living water.

Jesus loves me this I know!

I awaken to a new day of love
Faithfully rolling out its blanket of grace
Like the early morning dew
You cover me with mercy
Inviting me to drink
Deeply from your cup of life
You say
Come let my fountain wash over you
Come let me draw you in
Come that I may know you
Let your weary heart find rest
Let my glory lift your head
So I put my trust in you my treasure
My hope is stirred anew
Inside love’s deepest longing
No one nor anything else will
ever do.



Where’s your integrity gone son?
Swung east with the wind
West with the breeze
Neither here nor there
Drifting like a feather
Changing one minute from the next
Just like the weather
Too much talk
Way too much
Words rolling off lips
A dime a dozen
Like honey on a hot spoon
Just slipping off
Then melting away
Off into the distance
Lost in the sunset
Never hitting the mark
Never finding its place
A life without integrity
A man without truth
Unbridled lies
Racing towards destruction
Without future or hope
Find integrity son
Then you’ll have courage enough
To run your race.


Lame foot and cross arms.

Lame foot and cross arms walked along the bridge
Staring at the danger sign
Off they went into the water below
Perhaps they’ll miss the rocks
How many in the world are like lame foot and cross arms
The signs are everywhere
Danger here
Danger there
Their ears are deafened with the voice of fools
Unable to listen
Unable to learn
They jump and jump
Until one day
They hit the rocks.