Mercy house

I am secure
Safe in your arms
They are strong and gentle
They never let go
You hold me close
Close to your heart
We are one
One in love
One in deed
You are with me
My heads on straight
Your mercy cup overflows
Goodness keeps following me everyday
For I live with you in your house

Becoming all things to all men

Getting down to the base of humanity
Getting into the fibre of their world
Being knit into their tapestry
Entwined into the colours of their culture
Sown into and rooted into their soil
Planted so deep that they say
You’re one of us
You now belong
You’re not contextualised
You’re adopted
Through love and devoted service
A laid down life for the sake of love
No cost too high
No sacrifice too great
A statesman for Christ
Both humble and noble
Greater love has no man than this
That he lay his life down for his brother.  

My peace

Rolls of laughter
Spread out like leaves on trees
Blowing this way
Swaying the other
Lifting off
Floating upon
Summer nights and autumn winds
Winter chills and spring tides
Rising heavenward
Counting clouds in sapphire skies

Home of sparrows

My river flows in the low places
Bow down
Touch the earth on bended knee
Here lies the resting place
The home of sparrows
Gentle and humble
The home of lambs
Reigning royalty of lions pride
Eyes fixed with deep burning gaze
Upon Holy
Awesome consuming fire.


Eclipsed within the greatest light
Pulled behind the curtain
The holy of holies
Secret place
Brilliant white
Glory bright
Lifter of my head
Deeper still
Into the deepest place
Absolute desire
Nothing beyond
Knowing You

He never lets go.

As light is to day
So is the road to my journey
To see the bends
To move beyond uncertainty
Even when the light fades and what remains is unknown
To walk along such paths
Knowing yet not knowing
Takes faith
A life mantra that says
“Never give up”
I may fall down
Bow down
But never bow out
Impossible as it seems
More impossible to give up
Constant steady moves
Undergirded by a certain fact
A guaranteed future
Knowing my anchor is placed in heaven
Like an eternal umbilical chord
Always pulling and drawing me toward my destiny
With assurance and unfading hope
An unrelenting faith
In an unwavering Saviour
Who holds me


Can you reach out and touch it
Does it appear then slowly envelop you
Like loving arms holding you as the sun slips over the deep blue horizon
The quiet of night once the storm has passed
The fire that warms you inside
Away from the blistering rain
Is it the steady beat of your own heart
At rest
At peace