He never lets go.

As light is to day
So is the road to my journey
To see the bends
To move beyond uncertainty
Even when the light fades and what remains is unknown
To walk along such paths
Knowing yet not knowing
Takes faith
A life mantra that says
“Never give up”
I may fall down
Bow down
But never bow out
Impossible as it seems
More impossible to give up
Constant steady moves
Undergirded by a certain fact
A guaranteed future
Knowing my anchor is placed in heaven
Like an eternal umbilical chord
Always pulling and drawing me toward my destiny
With assurance and unfading hope
An unrelenting faith
In an unwavering Saviour
Who holds me

One thought on “He never lets go.

  1. So beautiful, Tone. Your words and your heart are so amazing. God takes such pleasure in this worship and He is your biggest fan. I am your second biggest. Mwa

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