I saw the baby lying on the street

Her tiny body aching and torn

Her curdling cries sent shivers through my mind

The old lady stretched out her wrinkled hand one more time

She new I couldn’t stand the sight


She cried



Out of the darkness
Into the light
Even in the darkness
You shine so bright
Helping me to see
Your life in me
No longer cast aside
Close to me
You are free
You belong to me

Out of the clutches
Of sins contagious grip
With your strong loving hand
You take hold of me
Breaking off the chains by calling on your name
Removing every stain by the power of your blood
You are free
You belong to me

Out of the lies
That run so deep
Deeper still your word
Washes over me
Your love and your grace
Draws me to the place
Of knowing you my Lord and Saviour
I declare
I am free
I belong to You



Eternal hope
Reminds me to return to where joy flows
From deep within salvations righteous blanket
Covered with a perfect fit
Praise rises from this garment
Where glory displays
Your splendour.