Glory waves

Rested leaves fall to the ground
There they lie on a bed of peace
The wind gently picks them up
Then moves them like waves across rolling hills
They splash light and colour wherever they go
Their beauty abounds
Bidding me
Walk upon my carpet
Fly across open skies
See into distant lands
A glory trail
Spread out beneath your feet
For you to see.


Until that final day

This was that spoken of long ago
When trees were young and grass grew tall
The sky shone bright and clear
When Word spoke out His dream for man
Beginning to the end
Before the fall in perfect life
Creation longs to see once more
Where God and man lay down again
Until that final day.


Walk with me in your shoes
Tailor made
Hand made by God’s hand
They fit perfectly
They will not fade
They will not wear out
They are supernatural
Word became flesh
Flesh walked among us
Now you in flesh can walk in word
Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world
So you can walk with God.

Holy lamb of God

You remove all the dross
Chase away all the dread
with one sweep of your hand
One word from your lips
You call me by name
Usher me in to your throne

You are holy, holy
Holy lamb of God
You are worthy, worthy
Worthy is the lamb

Like gravity I’m pulled toward you
Into the centre of your love
Ever increasing rays of glory
Deeper layers of blinding light
Flashing from your throne
Where songs of grace are sung.


“Your grace tells me You hear the faintest cry loudest of all.”

“Your grace didn’t just soften the blow, You removed it entirely.”

“To truly honour Jesus is to take the highest view of who He is and become that for His glory by grace.”

“Your grace calls me to intimacy, then to give new-birth-love away everyday.”

Now and yet to come

Fingers moving so swiftly across the keys
Like chattering teeth on a frosty morning
You can hear the touch
You can touch the sound
Slipping through one sphere to the next
Gliding across the wake of an ocean
Like glass between worlds
They touch
Like time and space
They touch
Like body, soul and spirit.


With royal stripes and regal head
Blazing eyes not a glare
Soft glistening steel
Powerful grace
Her pud marks find their place
I gaze into her eyes
Lured by such beauty with no disguise
May ruthless poachers never find your trace
That men may always see your face.