Eternal inheritance

Your blood is everlasting
Silencing every word not true
Always speaking over me
Holy are you
Never will You leave me
Forsake or turn away
Your covenant of love
Eternal redemption now secured
Is the covenant of Your blood
Always speaking over me
Holy are you
Jesus Your blood
Wipes away every sin
Always speaking over me
Holy are you


Be exalted O God

You are the crescendo of glory unceasing
The high praise of heaven sung
Awesome King on High
Glorious Majestic Son
You reign
Exalted in the heavens
Exalted on earth below
Radiance of God
Imprint of His nature
Saviour of all the nations
Every tribe and every tongue
Be exalted above the heavens
Let the knowledge of Your glory come
Flood the earth with Your goodness
As deep ocean waters cover
Every dry and barren land.

Eternal melody

My heart and voice are turned toward heaven
Turned toward You now
I hear the deep bass notes
Grounding me forever
Like an eternal backbone drum
The instruments of wind
Dance around like angel’s wings
Spinning and twirling in glory orbs
Saturated and dripping love
The strings sustained and unceasing
The voice of every breath
Filled with adoration
Eternal living orchestra
Play on
Play on
Play on

God is good

I draw near to You
In a breath
In a hush
A quiet moment
I can touch You
See Your beauty
Look around
Take You in
My eyes open
To see pure life
The purest sight
The longest gaze
Tranquility fills my cup
Runs over with peace
Floods my soul
It is good
To be with
For You my God are good.


Breathe on the sword within my soul
Penetrate the deepest depths
Make me whole
To live
To love
To touch
With voice and heart
To see your light burst forth in the dark
To blaze across the darkened paths
To find along the way
Raised from death
To life
Living light shining
From within their burning hearts

You alone

Not a second without
Never outside Your love
Rested head upon Your heart
Till breath of life fills every breath
To feel Your touch
Always know
Your presence very near
Your blood drew me to this place
Of knowing
The last drop fills the universe with love
Captures my heart for eternity
With the deepest longing
There is
Or was
Or will ever be
This longing like no other
For You alone
For You
For You alone
For You


Thank you Lord
For the way You love
The way You hold so tight
For saying to me
You’ll never let go
For speaking into the depth of my being
I am yours forever
The measure of comfort is so full to the brim
Overflowing with tears of gratitude
An assurance that knows no bounds
A confidence anchored in love
Abounding forever.


How did you weather the storm
What damage has been done
What triumph has been won
Victory came as grace stooped down and raised me up
He promised He’d never leave
It’s true He found me in the storm and rescued me
Lifting me up upon the highest rock
To see beyond the highest wave
To caste this mountain into the depths of the sea
To hear the voice of the one who whispers to the storm
Inside of me
Be still and know that I am God.