Jesus Saviour of the world

Blistering rays and blinding light
Dried out with desert grit
Held in its grip
No place to hide
No rock to crawl under
No shade or resting place
Who will rescue me from this death
Who will show me the path of escape
Who will beckon me with freedoms voice
Showing me the way
Speaking the truth
Giving me life
Saviour of the world.


Sullen silence

Sullen silence
Lingers in the air
Contaminating the atmosphere
I felt it on the underground
Surrounded by people
Each locked inside
Jesus died to place
The lonely in family
To break the silence
To clear the air
To change the atmosphere
So I can breath in
His pure love.

Two trees

Many things seem
Not as they’re seen
Like knots of a twisted tree
Roots shallower than shallow seas
Above seems the same
Below the rot grows deep
Grows old an undone
Till the earth shakes and gives up
Revealing what’s beneath
With the sun’s full strength
Gail force winds howl past
The tree set ablaze
Screams out in flames
Returning once more
To earth from where it came
As time passes by
Up from the grave of ash
Where the tree once stood
A new seedling raises its head
An oak of righteousness
Now stands in its stead
It will grow tall and strong
As it gazes into the sun
How the mighty have fallen
To make way for this new tree
More than what it seems to be
Will now clearly be seen
As this oak of righteousness
Raises it’s royal head
Crowned with splendour
Dignity and strength
Displaying the King’s glory
Destined before time
Destined from above.

Eternal glory

I want my heart to be settled on
Being a seeker
Forever stirred with
This noble theme

To know You
More than knowledge itself
To thirst and drink
From this cup that overflows

To wait
In reverence
In awe
Just at the mention of
Your name
At the hint of
Your presence

Lord to think
That You desire
This man
You placed your candle

Eternal glory
The brightest dream
Such hope
No greater
Than being
With You.