March on

Valiant soldier
March on
To the drummers beat
In step with His mighty power
Be strong
Be brave
Be courageous
You are His man of valour
He is with you
See His wonderful deeds
Salvation from His hand
Peace eternal
Deaths fatal blow destroyed
Fear driven out by the power of
His love
His banner of victory flies overhead
This battle is yours
March on
To His victory cry
March on


Glory and lifter of my head

I draw near to You
In Your presence
Before I go anywhere or do a thing
Before I say a word
O glory, lifter of my head
My heart rests secure in Yours
My mind quiet and at rest
In the knowledge that
I am Yours
My Lord
My God
My Saviour
I sacrifice to You
My body laid down in surrender
An offering of praise I bring
In Your presence
My life is whole
Wholly I now sing
All praise
All honour
All glory Yours
I worship You
Lord Jesus
I raise these holy hands and sing
All praise
All honour
All glory
I worship You
My King

Remember who you are

Why compare
What’s the point
You’ll end up back in the same place
Move on
Move into
Your own skin
Your smile
It’s unique
Own it
As one fearfully and wonderfully made
Own it with honour and respect
Remember who formed and fashioned you
Hand made by Gods hand
His hands are full
They were full when He created you
Full of promise and hope
Full of future
Full of life
In His eternal hand
In His hand you belong
Greatly loved
Remember who you are
Then you’ll see more clearly
Who He is

Greatly loved

I will not fear the storms of life
I will ride upon your wind
Your Angel’s wings lift me up
High above my fears

They blow across the ocean’s rage
Speaking courage giving strength
The loudest voice of all resounds
Into the deepest place
I see You

Singing over and over and over again
I’m greatly loved, I’m greatly loved
Your peace is mine You freely give
I will not fear, I will not fear
I’ll rest my weary head upon Your heart

You lift me up
To see where I belong
I cast my gaze on You
On this rock I bow

Glory hope

Bearing down
A weight too heavy to lift
A burden too great to carry
My eyes catch the burden lifter
The cross bearer
I see myself
In Him
On the cross
Lifted up
Blood free
Sin free
No longer entangled
Wrapped around Him
Like a vine around a tree
All the knots inside
The jagged edges cut clean
Resurrection sharp
New life deep
Heaven bound
These earthly troubles but a blink
Glory hope shines
How fleeting my life is
In light of eternity.

Safe at home

You invite me in
You bring me home
As I surrender at Your mercy seat
Grace opens up
A river flood of love from Your throne
I am washed in Your presence
Cleansed by Your blood
Alive with Your word
At rest and secure
In perfect peace
At home
Safe again
With You

Freedom cries out

Children crying
Mothers mourning
Fathers sit in silence stunned
The mob of madness finish their rage
Only carnage now remains

This drunken frenzy of hate poured out
Leaves it’s bitter mark
Twisted bondage laid to waste in darkness
The blood and shame cry out in anguish
As men stagger away in chains
They know from within
This power came from the darkest source

Who will cleanse the deepest sin
Heal every wound and pain
Who will raise this death to life
Save this earthen mass from certain fate
Breathe new life of promise and eternal hope

Only One who is faithful
Who took our sin and blood stained hands
His blood was given for all mankind
To cleanse away the vilest act
Purifying this contaminated mass

For all who cry out will know His heart of mercy
Setting their hearts completely free
Free to know
Free to be
All they were created to be

A child of God
Through the sacrifice on the cross
Of Gods own Son Jesus Christ
A child who knows he’s truly free
A child who knows he’s Gods son indeed.

True riches

Two loves laid down
For the sake of the greater love
Surrendering becomes both
Giver and gift
Love makes a way
For such sacrifice
Opens the door for
True riches
Which no man can count
The price was paid
On my behalf
Greater love has no man than this
That He lay down His life for me
So now I can surrender and yield
To the greatest love in me

It is good

The clouds swirl around the hills
Dripping over the mountaintops like icing
Deep greys fill the sky
The rain bursts and floods the earth
The land drinks in every last drop
While seeds prepare themselves
For their day of awakening
Surely the fruit will come
Just as surely as the earth and rain
Do their creative work
All I have to do
Is pluck it from the branch
Then taste and see
That it is good


Thousands of words
Spill over the tongue
Like a river they flow
Like a fire they burn
Hot or cold
They flood
Some are caught immediately
Some understood much later
While others fall to the ground unnoticed
Some like feathers bursting from pillows
Blown in the wind
Never to return
What power there is in the tongue
Life and death within its grasp
Choose carefully your words my son
Choose carefully your words