Eternal word

Thousands upon thousands of words that are spoken
How many thoughts beyond number lay bare
How many words written down unnoticed
Like a life that’s unread or a lover who turns her head
To number my days to give thought to my words
To have wisdom in what I say
Let those words give flight into action
Bring life to someone’s life that will stay
For these words to come alive
They must have the source of love inside
To last beyond the day
Find their resting place
In a permanent way
There is no greater source than
Love who spoke out and created
Love who became man and lived among us
Love who laid down and spoke out for us
Love who cried out
It is finished
He spoke the last word
He has the last say
He gave His last breath
So I can take my first
Breathe in new life today
His life of peace
His heart of joy
His freedom that knows no bounds
Saviour’s love
Eternal word


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