Love is

Love is not a stranger that passes through the night
Love is not a moment that leaves with early dawn
Love is not a candle that flickers and fades away
Love is not a traveller with no place to stay
Love is not a high or low that shifts like plates of earth
Love is not the sun and moon or stars that fill the sky
Love is not the world with all it’s glory on display
Love is not the ocean’s depths with every treasure arrayed
Love is not the music the art the dance or song
Love is not the lover’s touch that through the night holds on
Love is not the laughter of a child with innocence and glee
Love is not the birth of babe upon It’s mothers knee

If I cannot see the God of love in this love surrounding me
My eyes are blind my ears are deaf my heart is cold and lost
I need the Saviour’s love to come and put His love in me
That I may see and hear and know
The love of God that’s all around is living inside of me


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