Life and death

Greed can’t stop
It’s sulphurous
Burning deep layers
Into our earth
Stripping away the green cover
Of beauty
Chocking the air we breathe
Green backs cover those
On super power trips
Leading along paths of destruction
Dare I say demonic
You can bank on it
Melt down with it
How can anything good come out of
It’s viral
Running its course through
Every sphere of humanity
Polluted to the last breath
Squeezing out the last dime
When is enough enough
With greed
Like a crazed addict killing for the next fix
This monster is grotesquely powerful
Humanity saddles upon it
Riding it’s waves of logos and brands
The greedy have no compassion for the poor
They exploit them
Consider them a waste of oxygen
As they cut down rain forests
Club seals
Wage war over another barrel of oil
Trading flesh
Killing the innocent
Forming alliances with drug cartels
The earth is chocking
As we breathe our last breath
Yes we
We are all responsible
All given charge
A mandate to rule
This present reign of man
Reflects how we have ruled
Take charge
Take courage
Take control
Do what is right
Rid your heart of every trace of greed
Once this toxin runs through your veins
The poison destroys
There is an antidote
There is a Saviour
His life destroyed
So I can live
His life raised
So I can take eternal breaths
His life changes me
From the inside out
Replacing greed with extravagance
Generosity that touches the poorest of the poor
Bringing healing to our land
How difficult it is for the rich
To enter the kingdom of God
Bow your knee to God
Surrender your heart
Cry out


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